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The function and characteristics of the electric fan grille: the sealing cover of the centrifugal fan is mainly used to prevent disability and guide the wind frequency! In general, it can also be used for anti-fouling and anti-safety factor purposes! When in use, prevent the wind leaf from hurting people, and some slight dust falls on the wind leaf!

Performance parameters and characteristics of the spot welding machine on both sides of the electric fan grille: The whole process of electric welding of the spot welding machine adopts pneumatic top pressure, pneumatic acceleration, and the tire air pressure standard is independently adjustable to integrate electric welding of different raw materials. Require.

The controller adopts a single-chip microcomputer to design an integrated circuit chip automatic control system, and adopts a precision-machined code-pulling power master switch controller. The welding primary control circuit adopts excellent professionalism such as bidirectional thyristor control, so as to ensure the stable and reliable output of the total current flow.

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