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Which is better for the cooling case fan grille?

1. The metal mesh is beautiful and generous, the ventilation effect is better, and the dustproof is slightly worse. It can be easily disassembled and washed with tap water. The price is more expensive, but it is less than 10 yuan for a 12-inch stainless steel mesh cover;

2. The plastic mesh cover such as sponge dustproof is also good. It is cheap to use double-sided tape and cut it as much as you want. If it is too dirty, just tear it off and stick it again. You can buy a big piece for 10 yuan. .

3. The sponge is good in terms of dust prevention, but the dusty environment is quickly blocked and needs to be cleaned frequently, so it is easy to break, and the metal is easier to clean and not easy to break. The current machines basically use temperature-controlled fans, so if the temperature is high, the fan speed will be high and the sound will be high.

However, it is better to choose which one is better, or to do some understanding of the following issues

A. Although the space is small, although the fan is running, the hot air cannot go out and the cold air cannot enter.

B. If the dust is too large, the fan will make a sound when it rotates, and it will also affect the fan speed.

C, high CPU usage, high CPU usage will generate more heat, and the fan will speed up heat dissipation by increasing the speed.

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