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Maintenance of shelf

One, regular inspection of the shelves

Shelves are large items, similar to equipment, that will be stored in the warehouse for a long time. Regularly check each screw in place to see if there is any deformation or loosening of the rack. Only timely inspection can avoid danger.

Second, it is forbidden to overload the shelves

We often see overloaded cars. The probability of such a car accident is very high, and the overloaded shelves are also very dangerous. When checking, be sure to note the carrying capacity of each shelf, so as not to fail Knowing that there is a problem.

Three, pay attention to the principle of placing heavy objects below

When placing, be sure to put heavy items on the low shelf. In addition to making it easier for the staff to move, the most important thing is to protect everyone's safety. No matter what industry, safety must be the first.

Fourth, the position of the shelf must pay attention to moisture-proof

The current shelves are generally made of iron. The wet environment will cause the iron shelves to rust, and the surface paint will be slightly peeled, which will affect the shelf life.

Five, do some shelf protection measures

Some shelves are often transported by forklift trucks, and it is inevitable that they will be impacted in the process. In order to avoid deformation caused by impact, we need to add some protective films to some places that are often or habitually hit to reduce human damage to the shelves.

The shelves must be regularly protected, and the safety of workers' lives is the first!

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