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What are the classifications of dust filters? According to different uses, materials, etc., commodity liquids are classified differently, the actual ones are as follows:

1. According to the material: iron accessories cover, stainless steel mesh cover, heat dissipation mesh cover, stainless steel cover, color blunt cover, hot-dip galvanized cover, electrostatic spray plastic mesh cover, polishing and polishing cover, etc., with a large number of raw materials in the In the experiment, more and better new materials will appear in the future;

2. According to the use, it is divided into: axial flow fan cover, industrial production fan cover, civil fan cover, central air-conditioning fan cover, motor fan cover, hair dryer cover, etc., which can be widely used in central air-conditioning, motor, exhaust Safety protection of heat exhaust, exhaust system and ventilation of fans, heat pipe radiators, centrifugal fans, generators, diesel engines and other parts.

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