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The destruction method of the stainless steel grille is dominated by wear and consumption, and part of it is cracked and deformed.

There are three types of wear and tear:

The contradictory wear of metal structure surfaces touching each other and exercising;

Abrasive wear of other metal materials or non-metallic raw materials impacting the surface of metal materials and abrasive wear caused by the contact between the vapor or liquid of the theme activity and metal materials.

The wear resistance of wear-resistant steel plate lies in the raw material itself. The wear-resistant steel mainly shows different wear resistance under different working conditions. Both the raw material itself and the working conditions can determine its wear resistance.

Stainless steel wire mesh is a kind of stainless steel screen developed and designed by flexibly using the wear resistance of stainless steel plate. It has excellent wear resistance in special industrial and mining enterprises, which is incomparable with other raw material stainless steel screens. .

The specifications and models of stainless steel wire mesh can be subdivided by customers according to the mesh number of wire mesh, cable diameter, mouth opening rate, compressive strength, etc.

Mainly we have to master the difference and identification of stainless steel wire mesh products in three categories, namely wire pitch, mesh and width.

Therefore, customers should have a gradual grasp of the three overall goals of the product, because there are more and more manufacturers of stainless steel wire mesh production and processing today, and it is difficult to ensure the quality of the product when the production quantity is large. Sometimes it will be shoddy to obtain unreasonable and legitimate rights and interests. Therefore, we need to keep our eyes open and master the relevant professional knowledge, so that we can choose a well-deserved product.

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