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When the negative pressure fan is installed in the hood, the wall on the fan side must be well sealed. In particular, there should be no gaps around the fan. The most ideal way to install a negative pressure fan is to close the wall on the side of the fan and the nearby doors and windows, and open the doors and windows of the wall on the opposite side of the fan to ensure that the airflow flows in a straight line.

The installation of the negative pressure fan is a very important project, which will have a great impact on the future use of the negative pressure fan, so attention must be paid to the entire installation process.

Before installation

1. Before installing the negative pressure fan, carefully check whether the negative pressure fan is intact, whether the bolts of the fasteners are loose or falling off, and whether the impeller collides with the fan grille. Carefully check whether the fan blades or louvers are deformed or damaged during transportation;

2. Before installation, the environment of the air outlet should be selected first, and it should be noted that there should not be too many obstacles within 2.5-3M opposite the air outlet.

Installation method of fan cover

When installing

1. Stable installation: When installing the negative pressure fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, and adjust it so that the negative pressure fan and the ground plane are level and stable. After installation, the motor must not be tilted;

2. When installing the negative pressure fan, the adjusting bolt of the motor should be in a position that is convenient for operation. Adjust the belt tension for convenience;

3. When installing the bracket of the negative pressure fan, make sure that the bracket and the ground plane are level and stable, and if necessary, install angle iron beside the negative pressure fan for further reinforcement;

4. After the installation of the negative pressure fan is completed, the sealing around it should be checked. If there is a gap, it can be sealed with a solar panel or glass glue.

After installation

1. After the installation is completed, check whether there are left tools and sundries inside the negative pressure fan. Turn the fan blade by hand or lever to check whether it is too tight or rubbed, and whether there are any objects that hinder the rotation and there is no abnormal phenomenon before trial operation;

2. If the negative pressure fan vibrates during operation or the motor makes a "humming" abnormal sound or other abnormal phenomena, it should be stopped for inspection, and it should be restarted after repairing.

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